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  •  image link leading to Sixth Grade Scavenger Hunt

    Sixth Grade Scavenger Hunt

    On the two days prior to Winter Recess, 6th grade students will be working in small groups to participate in a Scavenger Hunt. Student groups will have "passports" to bring with them to keep track of completed activities as they travel throughout the front hallway completing fun, but educational, activities. Please be sure to ask students what their group has the link above for more

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  • image link leading to Westward Expansion Publishing Party

    Westward Expansion Publishing Party

    To celebrate the hard work of our Bennett Fifth Grade Students, the Fifth Grade Teachers and the Library Media Center hosted a Publishing Party to display our Students’ completed “Westward Expansion” projects. The projects are the result of many weeks of research and preparation on the part of our Fifth Graders. The celebration included readings by the students from authentic pioneer diaries, a school wide display of the student’s artwork and research projects, favorite pioneer songs with a group sing-along as performed by Mr. Earl Pardini and authentic food and drink from American’s Westward Expansion the link above for more

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  •  image link leading to Ms. Bruck's Classes Present "Raven Point of View"

    Ms. Bruck's Classes Present "Raven Point of View"

    In our Unit on Narrative work we have explored narratives from multiple authors discussing how the author’s perspective influences the outcome of the Narrative. We looked at some narrative works from Edgar Allen Poe and discuss what influenced him to write in the style that he did. One of our goals this year is to also look at alternate perspectives in writing the link above for more

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  •  image link leading to Do You See What I See?

    Do You See What I See?

    Bennett's bulletin boards have some very creative themes while displaying some very amazing published writings! While one bulletin board was waiting for the published pieces they had a “Winter-Weather Advisory” posted that continued to read … "The daily flurry of writing in room 31 could develop into a blizzard of finished pieces at any time. Expect large sheets of crystallized ideas leading to a near whiteout condition. This will precipitate a change in our bulletin board! Keep watching for updates." Another one reads, “Deck the Halls with Narrative Fiction! Fa La La La! “Snowology” is sporting fun facts and information regarding, yes, snow! One can only imagine what will appear on the bulletin board that has the following message on it … “Every piece of the universe, even the tiniest little snow crystal, matters. We all have a place in the pattern”… the link above for pictures

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  •  image link leading to Bennett Hosts a Special Visitor!

    Bennett Hosts a Special Visitor!

    What would happen if one of Santa's elves came to your school for a visit? He'd arrive sometime before the holidays began. Sent by Santa to check on good girls and boys, he'd roam the school at night, popping up in the most unlikely places come the link above for more

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  •  image link leading to Bennett Elementary Rolls out PBIS Prizes

    Bennett Elementary Rolls out PBIS Prizes

    Thursday, December 4th Bennett Elementary rolled out their prize cabinet filled with a large variety of prizes. Students are rewarded tickets from various staff members when they are caught displaying the correct behavior. The students will have a chance to view the cabinet of prizes today, encouraging them to save their tickets so they will be able to purchase their rewards on Wednesdays and Fridays during their lunch the link above for more

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  •  image link leading to Straight to the Core - Thursday, December 4th

    Did you miss our recent Common Core Information Forum

    Did you miss our recent Common Core Information forum? If you and your children are struggling with the “new” Math, you may want to check out the following link, which lists resources you can use to support your children at home: We plan to host additional information sessions on the Common Core later in the year. We’ll keep you posted once the dates have been set.

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  •  image link leading to Museum Exhibition of Shadow-Box Dioramas

    Museum Exhibition of Shadow-Box Dioramas

    The Bennett 5th grade art class shadow-box dioramas will be on display starting Friday, December 5th at The Teddy Bear Museum at The Den of Marbletown. You are invited to the Artist Opening Reception on Friday, December 5th from 7-9pm. The Grand Opening to the public will be on Saturday, December 6th and Sunday, December 7th from 11am - 5 pm. Admission to Bennett community is waived. The exihibition will be up through January 1st, 2015

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  •  image link leading to Bennett Elementary School Yearbook

    Bennett Elementary School Yearbook

    As long as Bennett School has been in existence, there has been a yearbook! A yearbook does more than provide a professionally published photo album of your child’s school year – it is a historical document on which we can reflect, forever – a showcase of the Bennett Community, long after we’ve all “graduated” and moved the link above for more

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  •  image link leading to “Book Buzzes” by Mrs. Lefferts' and Mrs. Speers' Class

    “Book Buzzes” by Mrs. Lefferts' and Mrs. Speers' Class

    In reading workshop, the big goal of the year is to turn students into avid lifelong readers. It is essential that we work to create an environment that fosters a love of reading and thinking. One of the ways we do that is by encouraging students to “buzz” about the books they are reading. It helps to create an interest in books when we talk about the sort of readers who would like a book, give a summary of the book without giving too much away or even read a little bit from our book aloud to others. As adults we “buzz” about what we are reading with our friends and peers every day. Why shouldn’t we expect our children to want to do the same? Our students have “buzzed” about the characters, authors, settings, plots, relationships, vocabulary, etc. in the books they have read. Please take some time to enjoy the “Book Buzzes” our class has written! the link above to view the book buzzes

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  •  image link leading to Social Skills/Cooperative, Non-Verbal Communication

    Social Skills/Cooperative, Non-Verbal Communication

    In Social Skills, students are learning about working cooperatively, and the power of their non-verbal communication. Students have also worked together to realize the importance of being part of the group – sometimes, we don’t realize that when our thoughts are somewhere else, it affects the group as much as if we are physically absent. Weekly “Social Issues” lessons are building students’ awareness of the role they each play in creating positive social the link above for more

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  •  image link leading to Student Council Served and Entertained Community Luncheon

    Student Council Served and Entertained Community Luncheon

    On Thursday, November 21st, our local seniors celebrated a pre-holiday tradition – The Thanksgiving luncheon at the Onteora School District’s elementary schools. This year, at Bennett, students served the luncheon, as well as provided entertainment. Max, Leon, and Alissa, all Bennett Student Council Officers, as well as Alana, a Student Council member, recited the Readers’ Theatre production of The Christmas Truce, about the WWI phenomenon – adversaries choosing to call a temporary halt to fighting, to share moments of holiday peace. The Bennett Jazz Band, conducted by Mr. Boyer, also provided some pre-holiday musical cheer – some familiar tunes, along with a student-written composition, wowed the crowd!! The entertainment ended with Max reading “Alex Haley’s Three Thank-You Letters” (the piece that follows). Overall, the seniors were most appreciative, and the students were excited to have shared in this moving the link above for more

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BN Announcements

  • The last day of Session 2 After-School Activities has been changed to Thursday, December 18th. Therefore, there will be no after-school activities on Monday, December 22nd or Tuesday, December 23rd.
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  • Bennett Winter Concert has been changed from December 18th to Monday, December 22 @ 7:00 pm
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  • Session 3 for After School Activities - handouts/sign-ups go home this week.  Returned by December 9th. Session goes from January 5th - February 12th.  select the following link for session 3 forms.

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  • Parent Portal - Do you have an account?  EVERY PARENT NEEDS TO GET CONNECTED to increase your communication with school! Please select the following link for more information - Parent Portal

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