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Working Together to Co-create the Future of the Onteora Central School District


You are invited! The District is hosting four gatherings this Spring for our community to come together to shape the future of our central campus. These sessions will be guided by a community member and trained facilitator. All members of our community are encouraged to join us.

We hope to see you there!

Our Strategic Guide and Vision Partner

Onteora Central School District has partnered with Point Road Studios to facilitate community conversations and gather input on the vision of a central campus in Boiceville. Point Road’s founder Sharon Lipovsky will lead these conversations. Sharon’s background is steeped in working with individuals, teams and complex systems to set, align and lead towards a desired future. While her professional experience is rooted in guiding these kinds of transformations, this work is also personal to her. Sharon is a community member and parent of 3 Onteora students. 


Sharing Sessions: Wishes and Worries

To lay the groundwork for where we want to go in future, it’s important to check in on how we are doing now. For this reason, we will begin our community gatherings by offering a chance to share openly with one another our “wishes and worries” about the transition to a central campus. These sharing sessions will offer community members the opportunity to give voice to what excites them and share honestly the concerns they have as they think about the transition to a central campus. Our priority in this session will be on listening to understand. We might explore questions like: What problems do you want to make sure are addressed in the transition central campus? What opportunities get you excited for a central campus in Boiceville? Community input during these sessions will help inform the framing of the Community Forums that will follow.

Community Forums: Co-create the Future of Central Campus

Building on lessons learned from our Sharing Sessions, we will come together for Community Forums to imagine what an incredible central campus might look like. This is our chance to dream big and think beyond constraints to what we *really* want for our students, teachers, staff and community. We might consider: What do we want our school district to be known for? What kind of education and extracurriculars do we want our students to have? What dreams do we have for the student experience? What about faculty and staff? Community members?  What’s important to include in a central campus that stewards those wishes? This live session is for ideation; and we will be joined by a artist and visual scribe to document all our creative thinking. 

Dates and Participation

Sharing Sessions: May 13th, 6:00pm – 8:00pm, Onteora High School, May 14th, 6:00pm – 8:00pm, Virtual meeting

RSVP for Sharing Sessions RSVP Link - Spanish Sharing Session RSVP Link

Community Forums: June 11th, June 13th, 6:00pm – 8:00pm, Onteora High School

 RSVP for Community Forums Link RSVP Link - Spanish Community Forum RSVP Link

Each gathering is held twice with the hope of making attendance accessible to all. No recordings will be made to allow for an open and safe environment for sharing and visioning together. We hope you will come and join the conversation!