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Questions & Answers from March 1, 2022


MARCH 1, 2022- Continued from jANUARY 18, 2022

After-School Activities 321.  Is there any impact on extracurricular activities? Can we resume after school programs in the lower elementary schools?
We are waiting to get clarification– there is specific guidance, but have not receive it yet.
Air Purifier 322. Can you please ensure that air purifiers are being serviced and fully operational, on a regular basis. My child told me, today, that theirs hasn’t been working for some time, that it was making a loud noise and they think something is stuck in it! Happy to hear that windows are open, though.
Encourage parent to email principal. In elementary schools. custodial staff ensures that they are being serviced on a regular basis. In MS/HS Teachers need to tell principals.
Air Purifiers 323. Can you please describe or find out how frequently the filters are being changed. Thank you.
Please be aware that there is a light on each air purifier unit that indicates when a filter needs to be cleaned or replaced. Cleaning of these filters, per manufacturer’s instructions is with a soft cloth.  According to the manual for the Medify Air Purifiers, there is a Filter Life of approximately 4-5 months OR 3,000 hours. To date, our air purifiers have on average 800 hours. They are scheduled to be replaced during Spring break.
Air Purifiers 324. Do the gyms and libraries have ventilation or systems in place to keep the air filtered?
Yes, they have strong systems in place
Communicate to Community 325. Communicate to the community, what we are going to continue doing 
Will put a letter out and update posted on website when we have more information. Any ideas and suggestions as to how else we can get it out?
Communicate to Students 326. What are the communication strategies (if any) to communicate these changes in policy to the kids? Is there a standardized messaging strategy or are we relying on individual teachers to hold conversations?
Providing information to the principals who share with their staff. Teachers will be sharing that information with their students. Will be unfolding and will post updated information.
Contact Tracing 327. What is the protocol if a student or students come in contact with someone who test positive?
Contact tracing is changing, but have not received guidance yet. At this point, will be same protocol until guidance is received.
Hand Sanitizer 328. Will hand sanitizer be available around the grounds for students and teachers even with the mask lift?
Yes, this will not change
Masks 329. How will we support students with parents that want them to wear masks
Very much personal choice and need to respect every one‘s personal choice. Have conversations with students
Masks 330. Students bullied because wearing masks
Will address in the Social-Emotional Learning and reinforcing personal choice
Masks 331. Masks for teachers also optional then?
Yes for everyone
Masks 332. Why is there a distance difference with a mask or not? Is this coming from the state or the county making these rules?
CDC, State and County
Masks 333. How are the teachers going to accommodate those social distance measures with mask and no mask?  Especially if they are changing daily with the wants of parents/students?  Are the teachers aware of the change in social distance depending on mask or no mask?
Are not changing social distancing from rest of year.
Masks 334. Will mask mandate in classroom if outbreak?
Depends on situation, medical director will reach out to Ulster County Dept. of Health, to determine  what they recommend. Will distribute home test kits to those students
Outdoor Eating 335. Hello Would it be possible to open up outdoor eating soon at the high school
Yes, as soon as the ground is stable enough
Protocols still in place 336. Do we still take temp?
No, is eliminated daily, as are the attestations.  Over this school year, the number of students that have entered with temperatures has been very low. Hasn’t proven to be a mitigation strategy for us and slows students coming into building. Pandemic shifting to endemic
Protocols still in place 337. Are we discontinuing the attestation form for students and staff?
Protocols still in place 338. Kevin, you said “the state gives us our requirements” - truly though it’s up to the counties (has been at district discretion in the past). Just seems counterintuitive to remove requirements & then take away all other safety nets. Kids are not going to be 6 ft apart in a classroom. And buses? And less support possibly for contact tracing from state through county? We are doing this all at once again. A little reckless.
We are following the protocols of the county
Sick Child 339. If child is in school with cold-like symptoms
Contact parents and then test for COVID in nurse’s office. If positive, will be sent home for isolation
Social Distance 340. I may have missed this information, I apologize for asking again…..since we are going with a no mask option what is the actual social distance for masked children and those that are not masked?  Is it 6ft or 3ft?  Or is it based on if the child is wearing a mask?
Social Distancing for students without a mask is 6’
Social Distance 341. So the CDC handed down the 3 feet or 6 feet distance Correct? I’m trying to understand because I live in a different state but my son lives in New York and attends the school district so I’m trying to understand why everything is so different.
Yes, things vary from State to State, county to county, school district to school district
Social Distance 342. 0In my daughters elementary class they are 3 feet apart at the same table, so one may not have a mask on tomorrow, she I ask for my child to be moved away for the 6 ft to protect the class?
Regardless of masks, nothing will be different as far as the distance from each other
Social Distancing 343. When would the district consider changing social distancing protocol? 
Will monitor and if we continue to have no  cases after weeks, will lift
Windows Open 344. Will bus windows be opened in light of optional masking? These are small, enclosed spaces!
Asked that people are reminded of that protocol. Keeping social distancing in place on the buses, not allowing “free bus passes” and are maintaining seating charts