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Questions & Answers from March 29, 2022


mARCH 29, 2022- Continued from mARCH 1, 2022


Contact Tracing

345. What is the difference in Contact tracing today and January

Greater difference at Secondary level. Because we have 9th period, come wearing masks, some not. No way of knowing if they were a direct contact. MS/HS gets general notification and asked to reach out to nurse or principal. At elementary level, teachers know where students were and if they were within 6 feet. Elementary student direct contact will be told.

Contact Tracing

346. Why is there such a difference in the type of contract tracing between HS and elementary school? Simply too much of a logistical burden for admin?  Because the HS students can also be in quite close quarters with one another, not just elementary.  Thank you.

Can’t guarantee that HS students are wearing a mask, MS & HS teachers cannot remember if the student was wearing a mask or not – too many students per teacher (some have 6 sections!)

Quarantine & Contact Tracing

347. At some point, suddenly no more students appeared in the quarantine column.  I feel like I should know why based on these forums, but I am not putting the pieces together on the changing guidance.

At this point, because the State changed how contact tracing is done with direct contact, the quarantine requirement is no longer in place. If an upsurge occurs, the State and County may want us to go back to the quarantine requirement

Contact Tracing Notification

348. I also was confused by the "building notifications" ... so we are now going to be simply sent a notice to check the case level on the website ... and we are to check if a new case appears in our building ourselves?  And then we can ask for a test kit if there is one in our building?  Do I have that right?


Protocols Shared

349. How are the protocols being shared?

We use the COVID Forum, notice will go out to parents in the way they indicated they want to get their notifications.

Monitoring Students After Graduation

350. Is someone monitoring how well our current students are prepared for their next world after they leave Onteora this year.  There have been some reports of more 2021 graduates struggling in college programs. How much impact has COVID had?

2020 graduates struggled more than 2021, who had more options to start college experience and were not so impacted by COVID. To the best we can we follow students for 2 years once we leave. We report to the state on what we have seen. It’s a challenge

See 2 Year Follow-up After Graduation


351. Is the two year follow-up data public and available?

On State Ed’s web site should be a 2 year look back at the HS statistics. part of District Report card. Go to HS level

Sick in School

352. My kids in HS both have said there are "sick" kids in the class in the last few weeks.  Bad coughing etc.  I'm not sure what to say to them ... but hearing tonight -  it means they have tested once as negative, and they are "improving" ... and do not have a fever?  So are deemed COVID free?  And they can be reassured.

Any student not feeling well and displaying COVID type symptoms should stay home. If students are concerned about whether or not they are COVID free they should contact the nursing staff in their building. The District has a large supply of home rapid test and are happy to provide them to students as well as staff. Any parent that would like home rapid test kits should contact the main office of their child’s school.

Testing Resources

353. I'm hoping we can still offer testing resources to the community.  I know there is no more money for free testing at the federal level.  Does this effect us? Are we still offering the weekly testing to faculty and students in the building? And can OCS students who don't have insurance still go to Village Apothecary?  There are no plans to sunset this?  Thanks.

Through UC DOH, have free testing with Village Apothecary, continuing to offer free testing for staff and will through school year. Sending home 2 tests with each student and staff, can have more if needed. All unvaccinated staff are required to be tested weekly.

In College Now

354. Kevin - what are you hearing from your college professor friends about kids coming in now?

They point out that kids are coming in a little confused about expectations of college.