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Questions & Answers from October 19 Forum


october 19, 2021- Continued from october 5, 2021

Corrected data

139. About a week ago there was a post on the FB parent page - parent said their child was on quarantine order by DOH & Woodstock Elementary but was not marked on the chart.  Did this get resolved?

Yes it did.

Vaccinated to Participate

140 . As vaccination eligibility increases, and vaccine mandates become more and more prevalent there will likely be an increase in vaccine requirements for participation in extracurricular activities that cross school communities. What policies and procedures are in place to make decisions about student access to such critical, enriching activities that students love and benefit from experiences? Concretely, does the district see a priority in allowing vaccinated students to return to participation in activities that may now require vaccines?

Some competitions with outside organizations require vaccinated students. The District will follow NYS and Ulster County Guidelines

Give Guidelines

141. Since you are following New York State guidelines, can you refer parents to the NYS guidelines that discuss vaccinated students participation in activities requiring vaccines please?

Yes, will provide

Hand Sanitizer Recall & Switch

142. I have questions regarding hand sanitizer. What type school use it ? Do we follow recent FDA hand sanitizer recall?
Can children switch to washing hands routine?

Central Stores follows NDS sheets to be sure everything is followed and acts on any recalls he receives. If you don't want hand sanitizer used by your child, send a note to your school nurse.

Legal to Require Vaccines

143. Is it legal to require vaccination for outside agencies if it’s not a law to get one

Certain private entities are allowed to set vaccination requirement.

Child Positive at School Testing

144. If a child tests positive at school, would others have to quarantine?

They will have to go for a diagnostic test and if still positive, contact tracing would begin.