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Information Letter September 20, 2021

September 20, 2021

Dear Onteora Families,

We hope everyone is enjoying the start to the new school year. The school nurse and health services staff wanted to take some time to clarify some procedures regarding student illness and quarantine around COVID-19.

For students that have symptoms:

If a student is displaying COVID like symptoms the building nurse staff will consider many things including:

1. If a student has a known history of these symptoms such as (gastrointestinal issues, migraines or allergies etc.) and if we have a health care provider’s notation of this.

2. If the symptoms are new or worsening (maybe a more intense headache or a nose that is stuffier than usual).

3. If there are multiple symptoms.

4. How long symptoms have been present.

If a student is assessed by a school nurse and it is determined that they must leave school, this is the return to school process:

1.     The student must see a health care provider and be given a PCR test that indicates a negative COVID-19 diagnosis or must have documentation from their health care provider that they have a diagnosis other than COVID-19.

2.     Parents must send the negative test results or letter from their doctor to and receive clearance from health services to return back to school.

3.     As well as a negative test result or doctors note and clearance from health services, students must be fever free for 24 hours with symptoms resolving to return to school.   

If a student is quarantined due to exposure (being considered a close contact):

If a student is quarantined it is because they have been determined to be a close contact of someone who has a positive COVID test result.

1.     A student’s quarantine status will be determined by Ulster County Department of Health or a building nurse with health services support.

2.     If a student was quarantined by Ulster County Department of Health, please notify

3.     Building nurse and health service staff will assess if an individual who is fully vaccinated will need to quarantine.

4.     Students who are quarantined must remain at home until their quarantine end date. This is usually 10 days and parents will be given a letter from the district and possibly the county indicating this.

5.     Students can only return once they are cleared by health services and are not exhibiting any COVID-like symptoms.

6.     Please note for students that are quarantined having a PCR negative test does not eliminate the need for quarantining.

7.     A negative PCR test is NOT necessary if a student is not exhibiting any symptoms.

We thank you for working in partnership with us as we navigate these unchartered waters. Please feel free to reach out with any questions to



The Onteora Health Services Team.