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2022 - 2023 Board of Education Goals

1. Support the development of the District’s long-term, district-wide plan that addresses current challenges and opportunities that have already been identified, including declining enrollment, staff shortages, facilities needs, budget, student achievement, community impact, and the expansion of the middle school to add sixth graders. The Board acknowledges that additional challenges and opportunities will likely be discovered throughout the exploration process. The Board aims to accomplish this through input from the Superintendent, a Board ad hoc committee, the Shared Decision-Making committee, PTA’s as well as clear and consistent community outreach. In the next year, the Board plans to accomplish: Forming a Board ad hoc committee, holding at least one public meeting to discuss the District’s long-term plan, reviewing the Building Utilization and Grade Configuration Study by Dr. Kevin S. Baughman, and requesting at least one progress report from the Superintendent.

2. Support ongoing District initiatives that foster a positive culture and climate, including improving communications with our community, teaching students and staff about diversity, prioritizing the mental health of students and staff, advancing restorative justice training and practices, and continuing advocacy for more affordable housing, Universal Pre-K for 3- and 4-year-olds, food security, and access to broadband service and cellular phone coverage.

Resolution Approved October 25, 2022

Board Resolution on the Long Term Plan (Presented at Board Meeting - May 2, 2023)

Long Term Planning Resources