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Soaring to New Heights: Optimizing Onteora

In May 2023, several crucial decisions were made to redesign our building and grade configurations to create the efficiencies needed to ensure our District maintains excellence into the future. The first of these changes will begin in September 2024.

A significant consideration in planning for the future is the impact of changing enrollment. In September of 2004, there were 2,111 students enrolled who were being served in four buildings. Today, while operating the same number of buildings, the District serves 1,056 students. Other considerations include the effects of staffing shortages, aging facilities, and budget, as well as remaining deeply rooted in our commitment to ensure our students receive the best education the community can provide. 

roadmap to Building Reconfiguration

September 2024 through September 2025





Phoenicia ES




Woodstock ES




Bennett ES




Middle School





This means that in September 2024, the following changes will be in place:
  • Onteora Middle School: expands to serve all Grade 6 students districtwide, becoming a Grades 6-8 Middle School.
  • Bennett Elementary School: transitions from a Grades 4-6 model to become a K-5 Elementary School. Any student currently enrolled in Grade 4 remains at Bennett for Grade 5 in September 2024. Any student currently enrolled in Grade 5 this year moves to the Middle School in September 2024 for Grade 6. 
  • Phoenicia Elementary School: all Grades K-3 students move to the new K-5 Bennett Elementary School and Phoenicia is closed.
  • Woodstock Elementary School: transitions to a K-4 Elementary School in September 2024 and a K-5 Elementary School in September 2025. All Woodstock students enrolled in Grade 3 this school year will remain at Woodstock Elementary School through Grade 5.
  • Placement of students who are new to the District and incoming Kindergarten students who do not have a sibling currently enrolled in K-5 will be determined as needed to support program needs and parity in class sizes.

Staffing Considerations:

The following staffing changes will be made on an as-needed basis, based on enrollment levels and retirements.


  • Phoenicia Elementary faculty will shift to Bennett Elementary.
  • Some Bennett Elementary faculty members may shift to Woodstock Elementary.
  • Some Grade 6 staff may move from Bennett Elementary to the Middle School.


  • Additional Bennett Elementary faculty members may shift to Woodstock Elementary.

Central Campus

The long-term plan, while still needing much discussion and collaboration with our stakeholders, is to provide an extraordinary opportunity to enhance student education by building a central campus in Boiceville and close the Woodstock Elementary School by September 2028. This can only be accomplished with voter authorization to fund such a project. The Onteora Superintendent and Board of Education are committed to ensuring voters have transparent, accurate information about building a Central Campus. There will be many opportunities for all stakeholders to share their voices in these important discussions, and the Board of Education is committed to keeping everyone informed throughout the process.


The District has contracted with a facilitator to lead community conversations to ensure we have collected the diversity of voices and ideas that exist within our community for the central campus model. Details about opportunities to participate in these conversations will be shared soon.

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The Onteora Central School District Board of Education is committed to ensuring students, families, staff, and community members have answers to their questions about the restructuring of our school district. Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions link. If you have a question that is not addressed, please submit it using this form and we'll do our best to provide you with the answer! Since this work is still being planned, not all information is available yet, but we are working diligently through our timeline and will be keeping our stakeholders up-to-date as we move through the process. 

Action steps/milestones

Much planning and discussion are underway for our District reconfiguration. You can view our projected timeline of action items and milestones here. Additional items will be added to this document continually as steps are planned. Please understand this is an anticipated timeline and will require flexibility, so information is subject to change. 

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