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Adopted July, 2018

Onteora High School Athletic Booster Club By-Laws



This organization shall be known as the Onteora High School Athletic Booster Club, hereinafter referred to as “the Athletic Booster Club.”


The OCS High School Athletic Booster, also known as “the Athletic Booster Club,” is composed of parents and other community members who have an interest in improving and assisting the Onteora High School athletic program.  The Onteora Athletic Booster’s primary purpose is fundraising to support athletic programs and promoting school spirit through sports.



The objective of the Onteora Athletic Booster shall be to support and raise money for OCS athletics while promoting school spirit.


To achieve this objective, the Booster will provide a program that encourages participation.  All Directors, Officers and Members shall bear in mind that we support all athletic programs within the school.  In accordance with Section 501 (c) (3) of the Federal Internal Revenue code, The Booster shall operate exclusively as a non-profit organization.  No part of the net earnings shall benefit of any private shareholder or individual; no substantial part of the activities of which is carrying on propaganda, or otherwise attempting to influence legislation, and which does not participate in or intervene in any political campaign on behalf of any candidate for public office.



Eligibility – Any person sincerely interested in furthering the objective of the Booster may become a Member.



  1. Booster Membership. The parents or legal guardians of any student-athletes participating in OCS programs, as well as alumni, and all other adults wishing to support OCS league athletic programs shall be considered members in good standing as long as their dues are current.
  2. Members in good standing shall have the right to hold office as duly elected, to attend all general membership meetings and to vote on all matters properly before the membership.
    1. voting members- must pay dues
    2. non-voting members- may make voluntary donations
  3. Every parent or guardian of any student-athlete participating in Onteora High School athletics is strongly encouraged to:
    1. Attend all general membership meetings and participate in discussions properly before the Booster membership.
    2. Support the Boosters in its financial responsibilities by making voluntary donations.
    3. Participate in Booster activities designed to support Onteora High School Athletics.
  4. No member shall have any right or interest in the property of the Booster club.
  5. Parent Representatives. There shall be at least one (1) Parent Representative to the Booster Board for each male and each female sport supported by OCS.
  • All members of the Athletic Booster Club are eligible to serve as a Parent Representative provided their student-athlete is a member of that team.
  • The Parent Representative shall be selected by general agreement between the Booster Club members and the coach/coaches of the particular team they are chosen to represent.
  • The Parent Representative’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
    1. Supporting the fundraising efforts of the Athletic Booster Club.
    2. Communicating the actions/needs of the team they represent to the Booster Board at monthly meetings.
    3. Communicating the actions/needs of the Booster Board to their respective teams.
    4. Supporting, promoting and maintaining a high standard of integrity and good sportsmanship in all athletic activities of OCS.
    5. Encouraging good will and fraternal spirit among members of the Athletic Booster Club.           


Suspension or Termination.  Members may be terminated by action of the Board of Directors by a two-thirds vote of those present at any duly constituted Board meeting.  The Board shall have the authority to suspend, or terminate the membership of any Member, when the conduct of such person is considered detrimental to the best interests and objectives of the Booster.  The Member shall be notified of such meeting, informed of the general nature of the reasons, and given an opportunity to appear at the meeting to show evidence that the reasons are not correct or true.



General Membership Meeting.  A General Membership Meeting is any meeting of the membership of the booster, including Special General Membership Meetings.  There shall be at least one (1) General Membership Meeting per fiscal year.


Notice of Meeting.  Notice of each General Membership Meeting shall be posted electronically at least seven days in advance of the meeting.  Such notice shall include the place, date, time and purpose of the meeting.



Voting.   Only Booster Members in good standing shall have the right to make motions at General Membership Meetings.  Each member is allowed to cast only one (1) vote.  The board of directors may invite and admit guests for presentations or comments during such meetings.  There is no quorum required in order to convene a duly constituted General Membership Meeting.  No absentee ballots will be recognized.



Annual Meeting.  There will be an annual Meeting of the Members.  The annual Meeting of the Members shall be held at the first meeting for the purpose of electing the Board of Directors, receiving reports, discussing any proposed changes to these By-Laws, and for the transaction of such business as may properly come before the meeting.

  1. The Membership shall receive at the Annual Meeting a report by the President, or his/her designee, the content of which should include:
    1. The condition of the Booster.
    2. A general summary of funds received and expended by the booster for the previous year, the amount of funds currently in possession of the Boosters and the name of the financial institution in which such funds are maintained.
  2. The Membership shall have the right to vote for each position to be filled on the Board of Directors.
  3. The Board of Directors shall assume the performance of its duties immediately following the elections.
  4. The Board’s term of office shall continue until its successors are elected and qualified under this section.


Monthly Membership Meetings.  During the school year, regularly scheduled meetings (normally monthly) shall be held to conduct the ongoing business of the Booster.  Members, coaches and all interested parties are encouraged to attend.  Meeting schedules, as well as previous meeting minutes and the most recent financial statement will be made available.



Authority.  The Board of Directors shall be the governing body of the Booster and shall be charged with the full responsibility for the conduct of all phases of the program, and shall be empowered to take all action necessary to discharge this responsibility subject only to the limitations contained in the Articles of Incorporation or By-Laws. 


Officers of the Board of Directors.  The following shall be the Representatives and the voting members of the Board of Directors.  At least two (2) members of the Board must be members of “Imagine Onteora” and there will be representative for each township of the Onteora School District.

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Treasurer (Shall be a member of Imagine Onteora)
  4. Secretary
  5. Township Representatives: Olive, Shandaken, Woodstock, West Hurley

Non-Elected, Ex-Officio Non-Voting Members:

  1. Director of Athletics
  2. Principal of the High School

Terms of Office.  The voting members of the Board of Directors shall be elected by the Members at the Annual Meeting for a term of one (1) year and will be eligible for reelection annually.  Incoming officers shall assume office immediately following the election and shall enter into the performance of their duties and shall continue in office until their successor has assumed office.  Notice of Board Elections and Board position availability shall be distributed to Membership at least seven (30) days in advance of elections.

Attendance at Meetings.  All Board Members are expected to attend all duly notified meetings and notify the President of any unavoidable absences.  Board Members with multiple “unexcused” absences totaling 1/3 of the total meetings within the fiscal year may result in removal from the Board of Directors.


Vacancies.  In the event that a position becomes vacant during the year, the President shall appoint a replacement.


Special Board Meetings, Notice and Quorum.  Special meetings of the Board shall be held at the discretion of the president or the Board of Directors and on such days as shall be determined by the Board.

  1. The President, or any voting Board Members may issue a call for a Special Board Meeting.  Notice shall be not less than 48 hours in advance of such Special Meeting.  Notice shall include the purpose of the meeting, no other matters not so noticed may be acted upon at the meeting, and Robert’s Rules will be followed.
  2. Notice of each Special Board meeting shall be given by the President or Secretary personally or electronically, to each Director at least 48 hours before the time of the meeting.
  3. A majority of the elected Board Members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.



Appointments.  The President, or the Board may appoint such other officers as he/she may deem necessary, and may prescribe the duties of each.  The President or the Board shall have the power to appoint such committees as they deem necessary, and to delegate such powers to them as is advisable and proper under these By-Laws.  The Board shall have the power, by two-thirds vote of those present at a duly constituted meeting to suspend, or remove any Director or Officer, or Committee member in accordance with the procedure set forth in Article IV. 


President.  The President shall:

  1. Conduct the affairs of the boosters and execute the policies established by the Board.
  2. Communicate to the Board such matters as deemed necessary, and make suggestions that promote the welfare and achieve the objectives of the boosters.
  3. Act on behalf of the Board, with their approval on matters of contracts, leases, and purchases in the name of the booster.
  4. Investigate complaints, irregularities, and conditions detrimental to the Boosters and report to the Board of Executive Committee as necessary
  5. Present a report of the condition of the booster at the Annual Meeting.

 Secretary.  The Secretary shall:

  1. Be responsible for recording the activities of the boosters and maintain appropriate files, Board list, membership records, minutes, and mailing lists.
  2. Perform such duties as are incident to the office of the Secretary.
  3. Give required notice of all meetings of the Booster.
  4. Distribute minutes of the meetings within seven (7) days of past meetings.
  5. Conduct all correspondence not specifically delegated in connection with said meetings and is responsible for carrying out all orders, votes and resolutions not otherwise committed.
  6. Notify members of their election of appointments. 

Treasurer.  The Treasurer shall:

  1. Perform all duties as are herein set forth, and such duties as are incident to the office of Treasurer.
  2. Keep records for the receipt and disbursement of all monies of the booster, approve all payments from allotted funds, and draw checks therefore in agreement with policies established by the Board.  All checks shall be signed by the Treasurer.
  3. Be a member of Imagine Onteora.

Directors from Each of the Townships of the Onteora Central School District shall:

  1. Be responsible for promoting OCS Booster Membership initiatives.
  2. Must be members in good standing
  3. Report regularly on the activities from within their respective townships.



Authority and Disbursement.   The Principal, Athletic Director and President of the Booster shall finalize all matters pertaining to the distribution of funds other than fundraising expenses, and shall place all income in the booster bank accounts, which will be Imagine Onteora, directing expenditure of funds other than fundraising expenses in such manner as the Principal, Athletic Director, and the President of the Booster finalize all matters with the authority of the Superintendent of schools.  The Board of Directors shall have an opportunity to discuss such expenditures and may appeal the decision of the Principal, Athletic Director and President.  The decision of the Superintendent shall be final.  The Treasurer shall sign checks. All matters pertaining to the Onteora Booster club shall be in accordance with OCS Board of Education Policy. 


Compensation.  No Director, Officer, or Member shall receive, directly or indirectly, compensation from the Boosters.


Fiscal Year.  The fiscal year of the boosters shall begin on July 1 and end on June 30.


Budget.  The Board of Directors shall adopt an annual budget of income and expenses under the direction of the President and the Treasurer.  The Board shall make the budget available to Members at the Membership meeting.


Expenditures.  Only by a majority vote of the Board of Directors may any individual be authorized to spend money for fundraising expenses.


Distribution of Property upon Dissolution.  Upon dissolution of the Boosters and after all outstanding debts and claims have been satisfied, the Members shall direct the remaining property of the Booster to The Onteora Central School District/Board of Education which maintains the same objectives as set forth in Article II of these By-Laws, which are, or may be entitled to exemption under Section 501-(c)-(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or any future corresponding provision.


Imagine Onteora will be the financial entity in which the Athletic Booster Club will be utilizing. Imagine Onteora will retain 8% commission from the General Membership of the Booster club. All monies earned by fundraising and donations exclusively to the specific sports teams will not be subject to the 8% commission fee to Imagine Onteora.  At no point should a member of the Booster Club, coach, parent or student utilize their own personal accounts for the purpose of booster fundraising or donations.


It is the policy of the Booster that all the parties involved in the operation of the Boosters will provide an operational environment that is free of all forms of discrimination. 


Members of the Board and Committee Members shall not engage in any activity which gives rise to, or could give rise to, an appearance or claim of self-dealing loyalty or conflict of interest by reason of such person’s position with the Booster.  In the event that such person has reason to believe his or her activities or anticipated activities could give rise to any such claim, he or she shall have a duty to disclose such activities or anticipated activities to the Board of Directors.


The Boosters shall indemnify and hold harmless every Director, Officer, and Member of the Boosters to the fullest extent allowed by law at the time of indemnification.


These By-Laws may be amended, repealed or altered in whole or in part by a majority vote at any duly constituted meeting of the Members, providing notice of the proposed change is included in the notice of such meeting.


These By-Laws were approved by the Membership on ______________________________________


President’s Name: _____________________________________

President’s Signature: ______________________________________