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Board Norms

Before Board Meetings, Members Will:

1.    Submit items to be placed on the agenda in ample time so the Superintendent may assemble information bearing on the item before the meeting.

2.    Ensure there is adequate time for Board members to prepare and review all relevant materials, information, data, etc. related to the agenda items. Whenever possible, contact the Superintendent with agenda questions well in advance of the meeting, allowing time for Superintendent and staff to gather pertinent information. Additional questions may still be presented during the Board meeting as necessary.

3.    Request information from or through the Superintendent, and only from staff members with the prior knowledge of the Superintendent.

4.    Refer all persons with positive or negative comments regarding school district operations to the proper staff person or administrator directly responsible for the operational activity. Focus on the Board's role and not become involved in the day-today operations of the school system. We will not engage in the resolution of problems; rather we will refer these concerns to the Superintendent.

5.    Limit the amount of time Board members spend in schools and Central Administration to only scheduled Board meetings, committee meetings, agenda setting and other Board approved meetings or tours, of which the entire Board is aware.

During Board Meetings, Members Will:

1.    Ensure they are fully prepared, on time and ready to participate.

2.    Endeavor to start and end meetings on time.

3.    Avoid hidden agendas and springing any surprises on other members.

4.    Once recognized by the Board President, ensure that each board member is allowed to speak without interruption.

5.    Focus on an agenda item until is it resolved or until a specified time has been reached to resume the resolution process.

6.    Say it once, say it well.

7.    Model the behaviors the Board expects of students, staff, and community members.

8.    Before committing to a position on an agenda item or issue make sure all relevant information has been presented, including the Superintendent’s recommendation.

After Board Meetings, Members Will:

1.    Support the decisions of the Board, and will not work to undermine Board decisions or encourage others to do so.

2.    Abide by the confidentiality laws of executive session and ensure all documents, records, reports, etc. are treated in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, policies, etc.

3.    We serve in trust for the entire community.