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                                      is an equitable learning community cultivating health, knowledge, skills, and values for productive global citizenship.


2020 - 2021 Board of Education Goals

  • Continue proactive efforts to build a climate of mutual trust inclusive of all groups and entities within the District by:

Supporting initiatives to increase school spirit

Support the establishment of a Diversity Week that encourages staff and students to honor our differences through project based learning exercises, the telling of our individual stories, and open discussion.

Supporting a Culture and Climate Survey;

Continuing diversity education for students and staff;

Continuing development and training in social emotional learning, equity and inclusivity, and restorative justice practices;

Continuing efforts to better publicize the District’s accomplishments;

Facilitating greater communication and advancing the vision of the District.

  • Support the development of a long-term, District-wide plan that strategically addresses educational goals, declining enrollment, facilities, community impact, budget and cost-saving measures. Accomplish this through input from Superintendent recommendations, Board Ad Hoc committee, Shared Decision-Making committee and community outreach. Specifically address the following:

Adopting a mission statement for the District;

Analyzing the Grade Level Configuration and Building Utilization Study;

Developing a timeline for the writing of a long-term District-wide plan;

Review the Bachman report and findings in light of COVID-19.

  • Increase K-12 student knowledge and engagement in civics, social studies, and social issues by supporting:

Curricular innovation and inclusion of civics education across all subjects;

Continuing support of an independent, District-wide student government;

Secondary school voter education and registration;

Create criteria to determine the effectiveness of our civic readiness and engagement

The implementation of a robust Media Literacy component in our K-12 curriculum. (some resources linked here:)

  • Complete the process of revising the district’s Homework Policy.
  • Improve the support we offer our students preparing for their future after graduation by:

Continuing to support and enhance the district’s mentorship program;

Engaging with the business community, to better understand current opportunities for graduating students;

Visiting programs such as the Ulster BOCES Career Tech, P-Tech, and alternative education programs;

Working with district staff to enable our students to anticipate and participate in the jobs of the future.