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Public Be Heard

Public Be Heard

Rules for Public Be Heard

  • Speakers must use the microphone so that comments may be picked up on the official recording of the meeting.
  • Each speaker will be requested to identify his/herself for the official record
  • Speakers are free to provide the District Clerk with a written summary of comments.
  • Please do not mention any employee by name. Specific personnel issues cannot be discussed in public.
  • Please limit comments to 3 minutes
  • Due to time restraints, please only speak once, you may speak a 2nd time at the next Public Be Heard
  • You may have someone else speak for you, if they have not previously spoken at the current Public Be Heard
  • The board may respond to comments in the subsequent meeting if able, and may also direct the superintendent to gather information for a future response, when appropriate.

It is helpful for individuals to sign up to speak at public be heard prior to the meeting by calling the district clerk at (845) 657- 6383 x1030 or by emailing

Interpreters Services are available/ los servicios de interpretación están disponibles

Reglas para que el público sea escuchado

·         Los oradores deben usar el micrófono para que los comentarios puedan ser recogidos en la grabación oficial de la reunión.

·         Se le pedirá a cada orador que se identifique para el registro oficial.

·         Los oradores pueden proporcionar al secretario del distrito un resumen escrito de los comentarios.

·         No mencione a ningún empleado por su nombre. Los asuntos específicos de personal no pueden ser discutidos en público.

·         Limite los comentarios a 3 minutos.

·         Debido a restricciones de tiempo, solo hable una vez, puede hablar una segunda vez en el próximo Public Be Heard

·         Puede hacer que alguien más hable por usted, si no ha hablado anteriormente en el público Be Heard actual

·         La junta puede responder a los comentarios en la reunión posterior si es posible, y también puede indicar al superintendente que                        recopile información para una respuesta futura, cuando corresponda.


What if I Don’t Like Speaking in Public?

  • If you have a comment or question for the board, but don’t feel comfortable speaking in public, please feel free to email the board at

    Written communication directed to the board may also be mailed to the district clerk at:

    Attn: district clerk
    Onteora Central School District
    Board of Education
    PO Box 300
    Boiceville, NY 12412

    2022 1512





    All meetings of the Board of Education where members meet to conduct public business are meetings which are subject to the Open Meetings Law. The public will be given an opportunity to address the Board at the regular monthly business meeting or at any other meeting at the discretion of the Board.

    To sign up for Public Be Heard, the public can contact the District Clerk prior to the meeting or put their name and topic on the sign-in sheet provided at each meeting. If members of the public cannot attend Public Be Heard, they may email the Board at . These comments will not be read publicly, but all emails are read by the Board Trustees. If a response is requested, it will be addressed promptly.

    Any individual addressing the Board of Education will be asked to give their name at the outset of their comments. A time limit of 3 minutes per person may be set by the board unless otherwise indicated at the meeting.

    The following statement of rules will be read by the President of the Board prior to the opening of a public session:

    The Board appreciates hearing from the public, including students, on any agenda or non- agenda item. Please understand that by our adopted parliamentary procedure, the Board can’t engage in discussion or answer questions during Public Be Heard. Please know that we hear you and take all your comments into consideration. The Board does reserve the right to correct any inaccuracies or misinformation during Public Be Heard. Please limit your comments to 3 minutes, be civil, and do not name any particular individuals or promote any commercial ventures or products. People wishing to express individual student or personnel concerns can bring them to the Superintendent’s attention in private.

    No action will be taken by the Board of Education at the same meeting on requests from the public which may necessitate either a new policy or a change in existing policy. It is requested that such requests be submitted in writing and preferably at least one (1) week prior to Regular Board Meetings.

    The purpose of a Board Workshop Session is to discuss some aspect of the governance of the school program.


    Education Law Section 1708