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The state Division of Budget (DOB) and State Education Department (SED) have recently confirmed that state aid payments to school districts this summer have been subject to a 20% withholding by the state. Beginning with some June state aid payments, the state has held 20% of the expected payment amount. While not all districts receive these summer payments, which are generally smaller than most aid payments made throughout the school year, this is perhaps a precursor to the 20% state aid reduction that Governor Cuomo has been warning about since the spring.

DOB has noted that these withholdings are not actual cuts at this time, and that the withheld portion may still be sent to districts, but also stated that the withholdings can become permanent reductions if the federal government does not provide sufficient additional stimulus funding. This follows aid withholdings that were applied to local governments and non-profits earlier this past spring.

NYSSBA continues to stress to state leaders the importance of full funding, particularly as school districts are facing increased costs associated with the reopening of school districts. We have also pushed that while state aid withholdings or reductions would negatively impact all districts, those that are most state aid dependent would see a disproportionate impact if a flat 20% reduction were applied to all districts. NYSSBA believes strongly that district wealth and student need should be recognized in any state aid actions. Further, NYSSBA continues to advocate strongly with New York's congressional delegation about the dire need for a new round of federal stimulus funding that includes significant new funding for K-12 education. You can join in our federal advocacy effort by submitting a Call to Action letter to your Congressperson and two U.S. senators.

Senator for New York, REPUBLICAN
State Senator for New York, DEMOCRAT

Kevin Cahill

Kevin Cahill
State Assemblyman for New York, Democrat, NY-H103

Antonio Delgado

Antonio Delgado
Representative for New York, Democrat, NY-19