Committees of the Board

Audit Committee

Committee Members

Kevin Salem

Board President

Drew Bogess


Robert Burke Warren


Wendy Wolfenson


Robert Curran  Resident




Responsibilities include:

  • Provide recommendations on the appointment of the internal and external auditor.
  • Meet with the external auditor to review draft audit, management letter, and risk assessment
  • Oversee the risk assessment, review findings and recommendations
  • Provide recommendation to Board regarding implementation of corrective action plan for the external auditor 


Facilities Committee


The Board of Education approves a temporary committee and chairperson:

  • Whose purpose will be to review facilities issues, including proposed projects, change orders, and review project bids and facilities needs
  • Will also accept any motion to commit on facilities related issues that have been approved by a majority vote of the Board of Education


Valerie Storey BOE Trustee, Co- Chair
Rob Kurnit BOE Trustee
Monica Kim Asst. Supt. for Business, Co-Chair
Rich DeRuvo Teacher
Jared Mance Director of Facilities
Kim Pilla Director of Athletics, PE and Health
Curry Rinzler Resident
Greg Walters Resident
Michael McKeon Resident

Health & Wellness Committee


Tasks set forth by the Board of Education:

  • Meet monthly, report to Board afterwards
  • Explore ways to bring more locally and/or organically grown foods into schools
  • Explore ways to increase active student participation in health and wellness programs
  • Explore ways to make physical education more exciting for all students


Christine Downs

 Co-Chair Director of Food Services

 Lindsay Shands

 Co-Chair Trustee

Anne Gallin


Karen Hansen


Marcia Panza


Marijo Mallon


Jay Cohen


Julia Rose