Committees of the Board

Audit Committee

Committee Members

Kevin Salem

Board President

Drew Bogess


Robert Burke Warren


Wendy Wolfenson


Robert Curran  Resident




Responsibilities include:

  • Provide recommendations on the appointment of the internal and external auditor.
  • Meet with the external auditor to review draft audit, management letter, and risk assessment
  • Oversee the risk assessment, review findings and recommendations
  • Provide recommendation to Board regarding implementation of corrective action plan for the external auditor 


Facilities Committee


The Board of Education approves a temporary committee and chairperson:

  • Whose purpose will be to review facilities issues, including proposed projects, change orders, and review project bids and facilities needs
  • Will also accept any motion to commit on facilities related issues that have been approved by a majority vote of the Board of Education


Valerie Storey BOE Trustee, Co- Chair
Rob Kurnit Vice President, BOE, Co-Chair
Monica Kim Asst. Supt. for Business, Co-Chair
Rich DeRuvo Teacher
Kyle Harjes Interim Director of Facilities
Kim Pilla Director of Athletics, PE and Health
Curry Rinzler Resident
Greg Walters Resident
Michael McKeon Resident

Health & Wellness Committee


Tasks set forth by the Board of Education:

  • Meet monthly, report to Board afterwards
  • Explore ways to bring more locally and/or organically grown foods into schools
  • Explore ways to increase active student participation in health and wellness programs
  • Explore ways to make physical education more exciting for all students


Christine Downs

 Co-Chair Director of Food Services

 Dafne DeJesus


Bennet Ratcliff


Anne Gallin


Karen Hansen


Marijo Mallon


Jay Cohen


Julia Rose


Policy Committee


To assist the Superintendent of Schools in:

  • reviewing, revising and tracking the implementation of the written policies in order to keep them current.
  • new policies that may need to be written policies that may require revision due to changes in the law, effectiveness of the policy, or new developments.


Laurie Osmond President, BOE
Rob Kurnit Vice President, BOE