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Welcome to the Onteora Central School District Business Office. We ensure that the Business needs of the district are running smoothly from district payroll, district purchases, school tax questions, and much, much more!!

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The office is open daily from 7:30 am till 4:00pm and is located at the side entrance of the Onteora Middle School/High School building.

Onteora Central School District
Business Office
PO Box 300
4166 Route 28
Boiceville, NY 12412-0300
Phone: 845-657-8499
 Fax:     845-657-8742

Business Office Reports

2020 Fund Balance and Reserve Plan

2019-20 Financial Statements

2020-2021 Budget Book

On-Line Auction link

Jan 2021 Enrollment Study




Contact Us

INTerim Assistant Superintendent of Business

Dr. don gottlieb
P: (845) 657-8499
F: (845) 657-8742

Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent of Business
P: (845) 657-8499
Accounts Payable
Cheryl Berryann
P: (845) 657-6383 x. 1033
District Treasurer
Debra D'Aprile
P: (845) 657-6383 x. 1032
P: (845) 657-6383 x. 1034
P: (845) 657-6383 x. 1030



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