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Universal Pre-K Registration
If you live in the Onteora Central School District and have a child turning four by December 1, 2021, you’re invited to apply online for the District’s Universal Pre-Kindergarten (UPK) program for the 2021-2022 school year.

To register online, parents or guardians should go to and click on “Registration & Displaced Families.” The link for online registration is in the middle of the page. Please be sure to choose the 2021-2022 school year. 
When your child is registered, their name will be added to a list from which the UPK students will be chosen. Onteora’s full-day Universal Pre-K enrollment is based on need. Students who receive Special Education supports, those eligible for free/reduced lunch, and/or those who are English Language Learners will be enrolled first. All other children will be chosen randomly by lottery for the District’s full-day or half-day programs.    

The District-wide Onteora Pupil Personnel Services Department serves as an advocate for all students with diverse needs. We are committed to the teaching and nurturing of children through multisensory learning approaches, counseling, collaboration and case management. We are resources, supporters, and modelers for children, co-workers, parents, the community, and each other. We facilitate the education of children in a supportive environment in which all can learn, succeed, and achieve a sense of self-worth to ensure a healthy, positive future.

Special Education services are offered through a variety of programs and services designed to meet the individual needs of classified students and to provide support within the regular education program. 

Every effort is made to ensure that, where appropriate, classified students have opportunities to participate in the mainstream educational program. 

All services are offered in compliance with the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and Parts 200 and 201 Relating to the Education of Students With Disabilities of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education (NYS).

PPS Staff Directory and Search

Director of Pupil Personnel Services
P: (845) 657-3320 x1020
F: (845) 657-8742

Assistant Director of Pupil Personnel Services
Carol Grima
P: (845) 657-3320 x1020
F: (845) 657-8742

SecretarIAL Support
Margaret Harkin
Secretary to the PPS Director
P: (845) 657-3320 x1020
F: (845) 657-8742

Contact regarding Out-of-District placements (including Ulster BOCES), preschool students, Universal Pre-Kindergarten program, homeschooling and McKinney-Vento students.

Amy Russell
P: (845) 657-3320 x1022
F: (845) 657-8742

Contact regarding students in-district Grades K-12 and students with 504 plans.