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Center for Spectrum Services April & May Parent Groups and Workshops

   Center for Spectrum Services
All workshops are free for parents, no RSVP required.     845 336-2616 x120

April Parent Groups and workshops

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Wed. 4/20/22                   Introduction to Autism             12:30 – 2:00 or 6:30 – 8:00      

This workshop is perfect for new parents, extended family members, general education providers, and our community as a whole. We hope that it will help everyone have a greater understanding, awareness and acceptance of how Autism impacts the lives of the children and their families. We will also discuss a ways in which we can provide support and encouragement as well as general guidelines for caregivers. The same workshop is repeated twice. Presented by Leah Siuta, MPS - Family Service Dept. Head

Wed. 4/27       How to be More Sensory Savvy at Home and School    12:30 – 2:00

This workshop will be offering parents and caregivers insights to the sensory principles, which support our students in becoming more alert, organized, and “READY” to learn.  We will discuss developmental sequences for providing a sound sensory foundation from which children can more dynamically engage in their daily routines, whether it be at home, in the community, or at school. We will offer virtual experiences, from the perspective of a child whose life is tinted by sensory processing deficits and motor coordination challenges.  Your OT providers will also suggest “family friendly” ideas for carrying over some of these strategies at home.  We look forward to having you join us for this glimpse into the magical world of your child’s OT.  Presented by Laurie Hopkins MS, OTR/L and Melissa Dagele COTA/L

Wed 4/27   Understanding Autism - what motivates & reinforces our children 6:30-8:00    

We often hear parents asking “how do I increase my child’s appropriate behavior?”. The answer always begins with understanding what motivates and interests their child. Teachers and parents need to ensure that positive and pro-active strategies are always used.  This workshop will give parents and staff  tips on ways they can reinforce good behavior with something their child likes, if you do this then your child will more likely do that good behavior again!  This workshop will help parents be the “cookie” in their child’s world. Presented by Tiffany Francese-Sears, MA LMHC – Behavior Analyst.



May Parent Groups and workshops

Join this Zoom Meeting link for all events

 Wed. 5/4                  Key components to understanding behavior           6:30 – 8:00

It is important for parents to explore key components in understanding their child’s behavior.  This workshop is perfect for parents who have a child with ASD, so they can gain strategies to handle challenging behaviors. One of the first questions parents want to know about challenging behavior is, “Why is my child doing this?”  Parents will walk away understanding key components of behavior such as why their child is engaging in the behavior.  Presented by Tiffany Francese-Sears, MA, LMHC – Behavior Analyst.


Wed 5/11               Strategies to increase positive behaviors &  decrease difficult behaviors                            6:30 – 8:00 

Positive Behavior Management Strategies are the most effective way for parents and teachers to prevent or minimize challenging behaviors. The best approach to handle challenging behavior from a child with autism is to prevent it in the first place. For many children with autism, proactive strategies–those that happen outside of problem behavior– have the most significant impact.  In this workshop we will explore helpful strategies that can be used at home such as increasing communication skills, providing clear direction, providing choices, and setting clear expectations.  Parents will also be given helpful strategies if challenging behavior occurs at home such as developing a clear response plan such as redirection, extinction, waiting, and the importance of consistency. Presented by Tiffany Francese-Sears, MA LMHC – Behavior Analyst.

Wed. 5/18                Understanding the ABCs of Behavioral Support    & Intervention                                 6:30 – 8:00   

Understanding ABC’s (Antecedent – Behavior- Consequence) of behavior gives parents a new way to understand why behaviors are happening. Parents will learn the importance of tracking their child’s behavior through observation and recording. This helps us determine the function of the behavior. This workshop will teach parents simple ways of looking at the ABC’s of behavior as a way to develop more effective ways of addressing the child’s behavioral needs.  . Presented by Tiffany Francese-Sears, MA, LMHC – Behavior Analyst.


All workshops are free for parents, no RSVP required.    845 336-2616 x120    Like us on Facebook and Instagram