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ENRICH Youth Pre-Employment Transition Services


ENRICH is a program is for high school students with IEPS/504 plans and/or who are affected by a learning or other developmental disabilities to provide the with the ability to gain work experience, make connections to their community and learn important life skills in a supported, nurturing environment. 

Kingston Location: 
471 Albany Avenue 
Kingston, NY 12401 
Catskill Location: 
311 W Bridge Street 
Catskill, NY 12414 
Carmel Location: 
575 Drewville Road 
Carmel, NY 10512 


For General Inquiries Contact: Laurie Gallagher, Youth Pre-Employment Manager 845-768-5070

Does Your Teenager or Student Need Assistant To Plan for Their Future?
  • Do they know what kind of career they want?
  • Do they need to feel more confident in social situations?
  • Do they need to understand employer expectations?
  • Do they need the work skills to keep a job?
  • Do they know how to present at an interview?
  • Do they need to build references?
  • Do they know their options after high school?
  • Do they need help with post-secondary exploration?
  • Benefits of Schol to Work
School to Work Program is designed for high school students with IEP/504 plans and/or who are affected by intellectual or other developmental disabilities. This program will provide teenagers with the following support: 
  • Work based learning
  • Social skill development
  • Assistance with obtaining supports for the future
  • Assistance navigating adult programs
  • Assistance with Guardianship
  • Transition planning
  • Support groups and training for families
  • Social groups for teenagers
Services we Provide:
  • Opportunity for teens to explore their hopes and dreams
  • School or Acces-VR sponsored
  • Paid work based learning
  • Work & social skill development
  • Job readiness classes
  • Community connections
  • Support at IEP meetings
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Internships
  • Career development and exploration
  • Adult living skills training
  • Resume writing
How To Apply

To be eligible for ENRICH, parents or guardian must make a request to the school district. Students must have a documented learning or developmental disability and be of transition age (preferably 15 years of age or older.)