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Planned Respite

Ulster County Mental Health Association is pleased to announce that there are slots available for:
Planned Respite

Planned Respite provides pre-planned short-term relief for a child’s/youth’s primary caregiver and supports the child’s/youth’s developmental, behavioral, and health care needs.

Each respite direct support professional is trained to support each child’s/youth’s specific needs. Supports can be provided in short or longer-term increments. Respite can be provided in the home or in a variety of settings such as parks, community centers, museums, etc.

Respite activities are tailored to the needs and interests of each child or youth.



Age – 5-17 years (prior to 18th birthday)

1. The child/youth has a behavioral health diagnosis that demonstrates symptoms consistent or corresponding with the DSM-5; OR

2. The child/youth displays demonstrated evidence of skill(s) lost or undeveloped as a result of the impact of their physical health diagnosis; AND

3. The child/youth is likely to benefit from and respond to the service to prevent the onset or the worsening of symptoms

Shannon Glenn-Parker
Youth Respite Worker
Mental Health Association in Ulster County, Inc.
845.339.9090 ext. 2210