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Residency Requirements

Onteora Central School District 

PO Box 300, Boiceville, NY 12412 

Office of the Assistant Superintendent for Business                                                                                                                                                                     845-657-8499 Fax 845-657-8742

Welcome!  In order to be enrolled in the Onteora Central School District, you must reside within the boundaries   of the District.  Proof of residency is required upon registration. 


Please provide the following documentation:
•    A copy of the deed or the most recent school tax bill, or
•    A copy of a recent mortgage statement 
and a copy of any two (2) required documents listed below.

If you just recently closed on a new home, please provide: 
•    The Settlement Statement from the closing or
•    Certificate of Occupancy along with a homeowner's insurance policy
and a copy of any two (2) required documents listed below. 


If you rent a house/apartment you must provide an "Affidavit of Property Owner in Support of Admission to 0nteora Central School District Form" completed and signed by the owner and notarized along with a copy of the property owner's most recent school tax bill for the property you are renting. 

You must also provide a copy of any two (2) required documents listed below. 


The name and address on these documents must match the name and address of the parent or legal guardian of the student being registered. 

Utility bills 
Homeowners/Renters Ins. Policy Current
N.Y.S. Driver's License Income Tax Return 
Bank Statement 
Auto Insurance Card or Policy
Moving Company Receipt Documents issued by federal, state or local agencies. 

The District will not accept a P.O. Box as a physical address. The physical address must appear on all documents. 
This documentation will substantiate your residency in the District.  Thank you.