Picture of Superintendent of Schools

Dear Onteora Families, 

One of the Board goals this year is, “Support the development of a long-term, district-wide plan that strategically addresses educational goals, declining enrollment, facilities, community impact, budget and cost-saving measures. Accomplish this through input from Superintendent recommendations, Board Ad Hoc committee, Shared Decision Making committee and community outreach” Click here to see all the Board Goals

I have attended the elementary PTA meetings to provide our parents with information regarding our Board goals, and have a discussion about a long term plan as is described in the first goal. Please view my presentation: PTA Presentation. Twice in the last twelve years, two separate committees have met to discuss reconfiguring the middle school. Both committees concluded that our current 7 -8 configuration is not what is recommended by research and not what our community feels would best serve the needs of our students. Both committees recommended that an expanded grade configuration of either 5-8 or 6-8 in the middle school would be a better model, but the recommendations did not result in changes either time. This topic will be part of the discussion of a long term plan, as well as how to deal with the significant decline in enrollment that we have experienced over the course of the last 14 years, with no changes to our configuration. Our current buildings are supporting 850 fewer students than they did fourteen years ago. That is more students than are currently enrolled in the Middle and High Schools combined. These are issues that need to be addressed so that we can provide our students with the best possible educational experience.

I will be sharing information as we work through this process as a community, but wanted to let you know that we have begun the conversation. I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday season surrounded by loved ones.


Victoria McLaren
Superintendent of Schools

An Onteora education fosters intellectual curiosity, mutual respect, self-respect, creative problem solving, individual expression, ethical decision making and active
engagement in the world. Our community values and supports its children, through a holistic collaboration among students, families, the educational community, and Onteora residents at large. Students will graduate as engaged citizens and life-long learners with the confidence, self-awareness and skills to reach their maximum potential, and to live rich and successful lives.