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In this district, the technology operations and technology integration work collaboratively. Technology operations implements, supports and maintains the infrastructure, network, systems, software and computers that enable teaching and learning. Technology integration works to help teachers learn to effectively use digital resources, content and technology tools for teaching and learning. Together, technology operations and integration provide teachers the tools and training needed to connect technology with learning.

In the classroom, you can expect to find the following equipment:

  • Teacher computer
  • (3) Student computers
  • Projector and interactive whiteboard
  • Document camera

All elementary schools have access to carts of laptops at a ratio of 3:1 (grades K-2) or 2:1 (grades 3-5). All students in grades 9-12 have been assigned a chromebook for home and school use.

The technology integration group provides many resources for teachers to use this equipment effectively. Teachers can project materials on the interactive board. As the teacher and students work out problems or write answers, the teacher can save the work to the computer, bringing it back for reference at any time.

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Director of Information Technology

John Reimer
P: (845) 657-2373 x. 1090
F: (845) 657-8742

Network Support Specialist
Reid Mason

Joris Lemmens

Technology Hours
Monday - Friday
6:30am - 4:00pm


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