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Clever is a secure pipeline between our district's data and the learning applications that teachers and students use. Clever helps the district's IT office provide applications with all the information they need to be seamlessly set up for our schools. 

Clever single sign-on (SSO) is our single-sign-on solution, allowing users to log into applications with a single set of credentials, configured at the district level. With the ease of only one username and password, Clever can help teachers reclaim valuable class time. Students and teachers can open their devices, sign in to the Clever Portal, and click on their connected applications to automatically access online learning programs!

The Student Experience In Clever

  • Log into your school issued Chromebook with your Onteora Google Account

  • Once you have successfully logged in, the Clever page will automatically pop up. If it does not, open up Google Chrome and it will be the first page that opens.

    • If you are looking to access Clever from a non-district device, you can access it by heading to the Onteora District Website, locate your school, and it will be under student resources. You can also access it through this link and book mark it for convenience

  • Sign into Clever with your Onteora Google Account.

​*Most of the programs you click on won’t make you log in again, but there are one or two that might ask you to enter your user name and password the first time you click on them. From that point forward, your passwords will save automatically.