Onteora Central School District
4166 State Route 28
P.O. Box 300
Boiceville, New York 12412
Central Administration
845-657-6383 or 845-657-8743
Fax 845-657-8742
Superintendent of Schools
Bruce Watson
ext. 1010
Interim Assistant Superintendent
for Curriculum & Instruction
Marystephanie Corsones
ext. 1010
Secretary to the Superintendent/Asst. Supt for C & I/
District Clerk
Fern Amster
ext. 1010
Assistant Superintendent for Business 

Victoria McLaren

ext 1030
Secretary to the Assistant Superintendent
for Business
Teresa Snyder
ext. 1030
Director of Pupil Personnel Services
Cindy Bishop
ext. 1020
 Assistant Director of Pupil Personnel Services 
 Elizabeth Fallo
 ext. 1020
Secretary to the Director of Pupil Personnel Services
Margaret Tinti-Harkin
ext. 1020
Pupil Personnel Services/Registrar ext. 1023
Pupil Personnel Services
Amy Russell
ext. 1022
Treasurer Debra D'Aprile
ext. 1032
Accounts Payable
Cheryl Berryann
ext. 1033
Gail Hommel
ext. 1034
Personnel  Jennifer  Marchand
ext. 1035
Database Program Specialist Paul Hunnebeck ext. 1025
Tax Collector
(September-mid-November 9am-12pm)
Cheryl Berryann
ext. 1033