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The Onteora Central School District (OCSD) is partnering with the National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA) to gain insight into the effectiveness of the District’s communications. The District will be conducting an NSPRA School Communications Performance Evaluation (SCoPE) Survey designed to receive feedback from District staff, parents/guardians of current students, and community members on how they receive information and whether they consider the communication in various areas to be effective. The survey will be available through December 22.


“We are committed to providing our community with the content they want and need to be informed about what’s happening in the Onteora Central School District,” explained Victoria McLaren, OCSD Superintendent of Schools. “Through the survey, we will learn how our audiences prefer to receive information from us and if it is effective, as well as whether we are providing enough information about key topics and issues.” 

NSPRA will launch the SCoPE Survey online via a secure portal, and it takes less than 15 minutes to complete. Questions revolve around the District’s communication mechanisms and the effectiveness of its communication in key areas of importance to each audience. Participants can access the surveys on desktop and laptop computers, as well as most tablets and smartphones. The surveys are available in both English and Spanish, and participation is completely anonymous. 

Constituents will have until Friday, December 15 to participate. The more stakeholders that complete the survey increases the reliability of the results, so robust participation is essential. 

“Our Board of Education and Administration has prioritized improved communication, and this review will help the District identify opportunities to do so and prioritize next steps for communication planning,” said McLaren. “We encourage everyone to participate and share their opinions. It is very important to us.”

Developed by leaders in school communications, NSPRA’s SCoPE Surveys are rooted in research and align with nationally developed standards for effective school communication. For questions on participating, email the survey team at