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Lead Test Results

A recent law in New York State requires lead testing for all sources of drinking water in every school building in the State. In compliance with this new law the District has conducted testing in all of our buildings. The test results for each of the sample locations in our buildings are listed below. 
The tables below list all of the faucet locations tested in the District and the results column shows the lead levels found in parts per billion (ppb) of the sample taken. Results which show a 'U' indicates that the sample tested under 1.0 ppb. While many of the locations were deemed safe including kitchen sinks where food preparation is done and hallway drinking fountains, we did find specific faucets/fixtures where the lead level was deemed to be above the level that requires remediation (15 ppb or greater) and these outlets have been turned off. 
The District has done remediation work at some locations which tested above 15 ppb and will continue that work in the coming days and months. In some instances we will be removing or eliminating faucets that are rarely used or not needed any longer, a situation we commonly found in bathrooms that have a bank of three or four lavatory sinks. Many elementary classrooms have a small sink and drinking water 'bubbler' and a number of these locations will require remediation which usually involves replacing the bubbler and the supply piping under the sink. In the meantime these water outlets have been turned off. The locations that have been remediated will be tested again and found to be below the 15ppb threshold before being placed back into operation.