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The Eagle Has Landed

Onteora’s new mascot, the Eagle, has been making its presence known. A banner in the High School/Middle School gym, as well as the illuminated sign outside of the building, proudly proclaims that the school is the “Home of the Eagles.” At the High School/Middle School, art teachers and students are working to complete a mural of an impressively regal eagle, based on a student’s design. Work is continuing on the development of an eagle logo, also based on a student’s design, that will be used for T-shirts, hats, decals, etc. The names of the members of “The 100 Club” (Varsity wrestlers who have achieved 100 wins in their Varsity careers) have been emblazoned on a banner hung on the gym walls, just in time for the Joe Friedel Memorial Wrestling Tournament on January 28. Go Eagles!